Daily Awkward Moments

It happens to the best of us..

  • Sending a text to the wrong person.

  • When someone catches you staring at them.

  • Going in for the hug when they are going in for the handshake.

  • Tripping in a public place and pretending like nothing happened.

  • When you go in for a high-five but no one bothers to high-five you back.

  • When someone smiles at you and you smile back only to realise they were smiling at a person behind you.

  • Pushing a door that says ‘Pull’

  • You start picking your nose and realise you are at a public place, so you look around to check if anyone noticed.

  • Forgetting someones name right after they introduce themselves to you.

Quitting caffeine was the best decision I made!

Cup of coffee with coffee beans

    Feeling grumpy in the mornings and don’t want to have any human interaction unless you have had your favourite cup of coffee. Feeling drowsy after 3-4 hours and crave for yet another cup of coffee. Then this post is just for you.


    Let me share my personal experience on how I quit caffeine. If I can do it, anyone can do it as I was addicted to tea and coffee and needed 3-4 cups of either of these hot beverages to function normally. My husband would complain that I become the meanest and rudest person on this planet if he dared to speak to me in the morning before I have had my cup of chai(tea). Which I kind of agreed with him(Poor husband! had to see me at my worst).

    My mother turned vegan a decade ago when she decided to follow Naturopathy and I have seen how she has recovered from her illnesses. I asked her that how does she have so much energy throughout the day and manage to sleep so well. I really wanted to have at least half the energy that she has. She didn’t force me to turn Vegan but just asked me to do a lil experiment for 1 month which was to stop caffeine intake completely. I had many doubts, how would I have energy throughout the day and won’t it make me feel sleepy without having tea or coffee. But, I anyways decided to go for it as what’s the harm in trying i thought.

Photo: Getty Images/People Images

    I went cold turkey on caffeine, no tea or coffee for 2 days straight. I did feel the urge to have my tea out of my daily habit but I was determined to quit. I have to admit the 1st week was the toughest. My body was craving for caffeine, which clearly showed how addicted I was. I was grumpy, sleepy, irritated, had frequent headaches and also felt nauseous sometimes. I felt like I can’t do it any more but still managed to be strong, as I was shocked to see how I could be so addicted to something.


    Finally, things changed week 2 onwards. I started sleeping better, I felt more energy throughout the day (which was a pleasant surprise for me), my acne and fine lines started vanishing and my skin became clearer (as caffeine tends to dehydrate your skin), Less hair fall, I also lost some weight after a month as I was consuming less sugar (yes I liked sweet teas). As time passed I was able to focus better on things and was more alert, My anger also disappeared (No wonder my husband is happy for me!) and I started to be in a good mood overall.

    So, to conclude, I have successfully quit caffeine which seemed impossible to me. I don’t think I will ever go back to consuming caffeine as I now know the health hazards it causes. I wouldn’t say I don’t like tea any more..I still love it. I occasionally have just 2-3 sips of tea when I feel like. But I can surely say that I am not addicted to it any more. All thanks to my Mother, my biggest motivation.

    I would like to tell all you guys who read this post that you can google the health hazards of caffeine in a long run and decide for yourself if you want to consume it or not. It seemed impossible for me to quit but I did it and so can you. Heres wishing all of you a good and healthy life!

Start Your Mornings Right!

Image credit: Erik Isakson | Getty Images

The moment we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is that we reach out for the mobile phone and just scroll like maniacs on social media. We lose track of time and are bombarded with all the useless information which takes up space in our head and not let us have a clear mind which ultimately results in us having a shitty day.

What if from now on, when you wake up, Smile (yes! you are alive..just smile), Stretch your arms and legs, Hop out of the bed (you don’t wanna fall back to sleep in your cozy bed), Open the blinds and look out of the window for a few seconds, make your bed, take a nice warm shower, Have a healthy breakfast or at least have a fruit and lastly Make a list of things you are about to do for the day. Let me remind you, you have not even touched your phone yet.

What this simple daily routine will do is that you will feel like you have accomplished so much in such little time. This positive attitude will automatically make you feel like you are having a good day and trust me you will have a good day as you have finally started your morning right!

Try yourself and let me know how it worked for you because it sure works for me!

Happy Mornings!

Easily add Sunlight to your photos in Photoshop

Hi, in this video you will see how to create a Beautiful Sunlight Effect in Photoshop. First we will colour grade this photo by controlling the white balance, add an overall warm tone while keeping the shadows cool and then finally add a contrasting sunlight glow to it. Viola! This technique can bring life to any dull looking image. If you wish to use the same images that I have used, you can find the links to download them below. Hope you like this video and found it useful and if u did , Please hit that Like button and Subscribe to my channel for further updates! There is always something new to learn and create, Art has no limitations…stay creative!

Double Exposure effect in Photoshop

Hi Guys! in this video we are going to create an amazing Double Exposure effect in Photoshop. I will show you a step by step process to get this look. Now, you can easily transform your photos into a surreal looking image using this technique. If you wish to use the same images that I have used, you can find the links to download it below. Hope you like this video and found it useful and if u did , Please hit that Like button and Subscribe to my channel for further updates! There is always something new to learn and create, Art has no limitations…stay creative!


Being famous is tough!

We all at some point in life just wish to be Famous . But, do we really know how to deal with it? what kind of a responsibility it brings? We can only see the attention and recognition that the famous celebrities/personalities get but not what comes uninvited(mostly) with fame.

What if I told you that from now on whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever you eat, whom ever you meet will all be recorded for masses to see. In short your personal life is public. Famous people are role models for people & they want to know more & more about their daily life. It depends how you deal with it as fame is like a superpower- one can either inspire the world or destroy it!

I am very happy with my personal space and the freedom to do what so ever. But, wouldn’t it be amazing to be known for your work/art. Knowing that you are making a difference in people’s lives! I personally would like to be anonymous. What are your thoughts about being famous?