Get that S#!t Done!

    Understand this One thing- You have all the Potential it Needs to Become what you Dream to be someday. Have the courage to listen to your gut feeling..what do you want?..go ahead.. answer that! Tough question right? Well, it’s easy..listen to your heart not your always know what you want from life but you some how ignore it saying that it’s a stupid career choice. In today’s times as people grow up they tend to think in a more practical way. Money becomes no.1 priority. Parents, peers, society, everybody tells you that if you become an engineer you’ll be successful, if you become rich you could have whatever you want but nobody tells you how to get happiness.             

    You often come across people who say that, “That idea came to my mind years back I wish I had acted then.”, “I don’t have what it takes to reach there, Successful people have luck in their favour.”, “I am not educated enough.” The answer is simple, YOU didn’t TRY. You can merely see the end result of great people..not their struggle and strong desire to get where they are now. Don’t be afraid to take the risk. If you win, awesome..and if you lose you learned from it. Just don’t quit..that’s the worst thing you can do. 

    Like the saying goes, The disease known is half cured. Similarly Knowing what you really want.. knowing your exact goal, and you are half way through success. YOU become what you think. You wonna be an artist, a musician, a doctor, an author, an entrepreneur you name it..YOU can be it. It’s no rocket science, it just needs your hardwork and strong intentions. Social sites are making billions of dollars while you are just randomly surfing and doing nothing productive for yourself. Technology is your servant, don’t let it rule your life. Stop wasting your precious time and work towards your goal. It’s never too late to Start. So, stop Procrastinating and get that S#!t done.

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