You ain’t Guilty!

We often have those moments when we feel Guilty about making certain decisions for ourselves. I’ll share one of my funny stories with you. I know! what could possibly be funny with the word ‘guilt’ in it. I come from a conservative Indian family where all the decisions are made by the elderly of the family. They decide everything for each and every member of the family. I however, was a rebel since childhood as I wanted to make my own decisions. Being a girl, that was too much for my family to accept. But, somehow I managed to convince them and followed my dreams.

They are happy about how things turned out for me and were very supportive. But deep inside somewhere I often felt a little guilty as I literally put up a fight with my very own family. In a way sometimes I thought I was being selfish. I find it funny now because, I know that I did nothing wrong. Maybe it could have been done or said in a different way but ultimately what matters is that I am happy and so are they. All I can say is that understand your self-worth and fight for it without feeling guilty!

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