Start Your Mornings Right!

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The moment we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is that we reach out for the mobile phone and just scroll like maniacs on social media. We lose track of time and are bombarded with all the useless information which takes up space in our head and not let us have a clear mind which ultimately results in us having a shitty day.

What if from now on, when you wake up, Smile (yes! you are alive..just smile), Stretch your arms and legs, Hop out of the bed (you don’t wanna fall back to sleep in your cozy bed), Open the blinds and look out of the window for a few seconds, make your bed, take a nice warm shower, Have a healthy breakfast or at least have a fruit and lastly Make a list of things you are about to do for the day. Let me remind you, you have not even touched your phone yet.

What this simple daily routine will do is that you will feel like you have accomplished so much in such little time. This positive attitude will automatically make you feel like you are having a good day and trust me you will have a good day as you have finally started your morning right!

Try yourself and let me know how it worked for you because it sure works for me!

Happy Mornings!

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