Is Meditation Overrated?

Is Meditation Overrated?

Have you ever felt that…

No matter how much you sleep, you are still sleepy.

No matter how much you try, you lose focus easily.

No matter how many vacations or breaks you take, you are still tired physically and mentally.

Then this post is just for you.

   In our daily hustle and bustle, we are well aware about our surroundings but we often forget to be aware of what is happening to us on the inside. In this fast paced world we need to constantly work towards our goals to achieve success. But, what will all that success mean if you are not mentally at peace.

    I know you have heard it a million times that meditation is the answer. Trust me, even I felt that meditation was a hoax which was nothing but a waste of time. After all, as far as I understand, meditation means ‘doing nothing’. Not even thinking. How hard could that be right.


I started practicing meditation a few years back. What harm in trying it out I thought after all,  all I was supposed to do was to just sit in a comfortable position, back straight, eyes closed and relax. I was supposed to not try to think anything, just observe the thoughts. Seemed easy, so, I gave it a shot.

I opened my eyes within 10 seconds. My thoughts literally bombarded me. In fact I felt like I had more thoughts while I was meditating. This got me startled as I couldn’t believe that doing nothing could be this hard…to not think just for 10 seconds..the mind just won’t shut up. That’s how occupied our minds are all the time. I was determined and knew I had to control my mind through meditation.

I got better at meditating with time. The key here is to not stop yourself from thinking while meditating. Just observe your thoughts. Let them come and go. You literally don’t have to do anything. Sometimes I like to put on some calm instrumental music in the background. Sometimes I just observe my breath.


You may ask, what is the use of meditating after all?

I’m gonna be very straight forward with you on this. Like some other blogs I’m not gonna give you this crap that it is a miracle or it changed my life. But yes, I’ll tell you this one thing that it helps, it makes you strong mentally.

All the decisions we make, each of our action, depends on how and what we think and when you are thinking clearly, obviously you make better decisions. I strongly recommend to try out meditating. Start with 30 seconds and gradually increase the time as you get the hang of it. I am now able to meditate for 30 minutes non-stop.


Feel free to share your meditation story with me as I would love to hear from you about your experience.

Happy Meditating!

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  1. It’s defo not overrated! When I was doing it consistently I was definitely a calmer individual, and deal with my usual stressful situations a lot better, which has carried over to me now. Even though I don’t do it as regular as I used to, and some of that “calmness” has faded, it has still defo benefited me 🙂

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