Overcome Past Hurt

Does your past hurts still haunt you?

It’s Okay! It’s normal to feel Hurt.

We all go through tough times which leave a lasting effect on our minds. Sometimes those feelings are not very pleasant and we end up getting depressed just by thinking about it. But we just can’t help it, the thought automatically comes to our mind out of nowhere which puts us in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

The only reason why this happens is that we have not yet healed and are still holding on to those memories. As Mohandas Gandhi rightly said, “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” Our emotions are our slave, don’t put the crown on anybody’s head and let them rule our emotions.

It’s absolutely alright to feel overwhelmed, after all, this is what makes us humans. The ability to feel strong emotions is nothing less than a gift while we strive each day in this world where majority of the people have a practical mind-set.

Sometimes people say and do things because they are trying to work through their own personal insecurities and problems. Let’s try not to take everything they say so personally. Instead let’s try to figure out what made them react in that manner. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes they don’t even realise about the way they treated us.

We can’t really control on how somebody will react but we can surely control our own reaction. Let’s look at the brighter side and think of those unpleasant incidents as a lesson that we learn. This lesson teaches us a lot about our own self. We must learn from them as we only grow wiser in order to tackle a similar situation in a better fashion in the future.

Stay Strong! We got this!

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