5 Amazing Benefits of Reading Books

I have always been surrounded by good books but found it really difficult to actually read an entire book. I usually got bored after reading a few pages as I was a slow reader. I have always been a big movie buff and preferred watching a movie instead of reading a book as I thought I was saving so much time. But, my perception changed completely after I became determined and finished reading a couple of books. There is no turning back once you start reading. Let me point out 5 Amazing Benefits of Reading Books:

1-Enhances Creativity

When we read a particular sentence where the author has described a beautiful location or mentioned a particular person, every reader will imagine it differently in their minds. No two individuals can ever imagine alike. We learn to visualize things outside the box and that’s the beauty of reading as it promotes creative thinking for the reader.

2-Stress Buster

A reader will get transported to a different world where he will forget about his daily stress. A study in 2009 by university of Sussex found that reading a book for more than 5 minutes reduces stress levels up to 68%. Reading also lowers the heart rate and eases muscle tension.

3-Improves Vocabulary

When we read a book we often come across many new words and when we learn the meaning of those words we automatically end up improving our vocabulary. It also helps us professionally as a person with a good vocabulary and who is well-spoken is considered to possess amazing leadership qualities. Having a good command over a language also enhances a sense of self-esteem as they are confident while putting across their thoughts clearly.

4-Improves Memory

While reading a book we have to remember the characters, their backgrounds, their history and other minute details as we progress with their story. We may miss out on a very interesting event if we forget a particular detail, so we make sure to remember those details while reading a book. This exercise helps us in our daily life too as we have trained our mind to focus on details and remembering things.

5-Expands Knowledge

Books are loaded with enormous information and knowledge. When we read a book we get a better understanding about the topics of our interest. It is said that ‘Knowledge is the key to Success’ and hence having knowledge about various topic will help us not only professionally but also with our point of view about life. Since reading also boosts memory, the knowledge which we acquire will stay with us and we can apply that knowledge whenever it is required.

I hope you liked the 5 points that I mentioned. Reading is extremely beneficial and we all must make it our habit to read at least 10-20 pages daily. Reading is like an exercise for our brain which keeps it fit and healthy.

Happy Reading!

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