Being famous is tough!

We all at some point in life just wish to be Famous . But, do we really know how to deal with it? what kind of a responsibility it brings? We can only see the attention and recognition that the famous celebrities/personalities get but not what comes uninvited(mostly) with fame.

What if I told you that from now on whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever you eat, whom ever you meet will all be recorded for masses to see. In short your personal life is public. Famous people are role models for people & they want to know more & more about their daily life. It depends how you deal with it as fame is like a superpower- one can either inspire the world or destroy it!

I am very happy with my personal space and the freedom to do what so ever. But, wouldn’t it be amazing to be known for your work/art. Knowing that you are making a difference in people’s lives! I personally would like to be anonymous. What are your thoughts about being famous?

You ain’t Guilty!

We often have those moments when we feel Guilty about making certain decisions for ourselves. I’ll share one of my funny stories with you. I know! what could possibly be funny with the word ‘guilt’ in it. I come from a conservative Indian family where all the decisions are made by the elderly of the family. They decide everything for each and every member of the family. I however, was a rebel since childhood as I wanted to make my own decisions. Being a girl, that was too much for my family to accept. But, somehow I managed to convince them and followed my dreams.

They are happy about how things turned out for me and were very supportive. But deep inside somewhere I often felt a little guilty as I literally put up a fight with my very own family. In a way sometimes I thought I was being selfish. I find it funny now because, I know that I did nothing wrong. Maybe it could have been done or said in a different way but ultimately what matters is that I am happy and so are they. All I can say is that understand your self-worth and fight for it without feeling guilty!

Get that S#!t Done!

    Understand this One thing- You have all the Potential it Needs to Become what you Dream to be someday. Have the courage to listen to your gut feeling..what do you want?..go ahead.. answer that! Tough question right? Well, it’s easy..listen to your heart not your always know what you want from life but you some how ignore it saying that it’s a stupid career choice. In today’s times as people grow up they tend to think in a more practical way. Money becomes no.1 priority. Parents, peers, society, everybody tells you that if you become an engineer you’ll be successful, if you become rich you could have whatever you want but nobody tells you how to get happiness.             

    You often come across people who say that, “That idea came to my mind years back I wish I had acted then.”, “I don’t have what it takes to reach there, Successful people have luck in their favour.”, “I am not educated enough.” The answer is simple, YOU didn’t TRY. You can merely see the end result of great people..not their struggle and strong desire to get where they are now. Don’t be afraid to take the risk. If you win, awesome..and if you lose you learned from it. Just don’t quit..that’s the worst thing you can do. 

    Like the saying goes, The disease known is half cured. Similarly Knowing what you really want.. knowing your exact goal, and you are half way through success. YOU become what you think. You wonna be an artist, a musician, a doctor, an author, an entrepreneur you name it..YOU can be it. It’s no rocket science, it just needs your hardwork and strong intentions. Social sites are making billions of dollars while you are just randomly surfing and doing nothing productive for yourself. Technology is your servant, don’t let it rule your life. Stop wasting your precious time and work towards your goal. It’s never too late to Start. So, stop Procrastinating and get that S#!t done.

5 Signs you have Low-Self Esteem


You may think you’re a Pro when it comes to hiding your insecurities, but  signs of low self-esteem are sometimes so sneaky that you may not even realize what you’re doing. Everything from your body language to the way you act socially gives others clues about your sense of self-worth. But knowing is the first step to improving your self-esteem and finding the inner strength to live a life that makes you genuinely happy.

1. You compare yourself with others:

You know you are passionate and talented enough to be successful in achieving your goals and dreams. But, you doubt that at some point when you look at more successful people and decide to quit as you feel that you can’t achieve that kind of success. Don’t quit! no matter what, you will thank yourself in a few years that you didn’t give up on your passion.

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2. You stare at your phone during a social situation:

You are constantly looking for some excuse to escape from an interaction with someone so you keep looking at your phone and seem distracted. During a conversation you rarely look the person in the eye. You fidget a lot. You try to keep the conversation as short as possible.

Image result for busy texting at a party

3. You apologize for everything:

If someone bumps into you on the street, do you apologize? If u accidentally stub your toe on the table, do you apologies to the table? When you don’t agree with someone, you first say I’m sorry and then state your opinion? People with low self-esteem sometimes apologies even when it’s not their fault. Next time, don’t say sorry when you sneeze.Image result for sorry gifs movie

4. You take constructive criticism personally:

Be it from your loved one, a co-worker or a well-wisher. If they criticize you, you feel offended and take the whole matter emotionally. You may get yourself in an argument which you may later regret.
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5. When someone compliments you:

You just don’t believe them. You think of all the possible reasons as to why are they so nice to you or if that was a sarcasm. You have no idea how to react to a compliment and end up giving a fake forced smile. Just accept the compliment graciously my dear and say those 2 simple words, “Thank You!” with a genuine smile.Image result for thank you gifs movie'  If you find yourself doing a lot of these things, it may be time to take a good, hard look at your self-esteem. You might find that life is a lot easier (and more fun) when you’re more self-assured. Get up, Smile and find the inner strength to live a lovely life and feel the joy. Stay Blessed!

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Top 10 Valid points to Legalize Marijuana In India


    Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world with an estimated 125 million people consuming it in some form or the other every year. In India, marijuana use has been historically bound to faith and mysticism. It is said to be a drug that helps the user attain “ecstasy in the original sense of the word”. India has consumed and celebrated charas (hash), bhang and weed for centuries.

    However, implementation of stringent narcotic laws in 1986 made the sale, consumption, production and transportation of marijuana illegal in the country. 24 years on, here are 10 reasons why marijuana should now be legalized in India.

1. Marijuana use has medical benefits.


    Studies have shown that marijuana use has dozens of medical benefits. It treats glaucoma, prevents cancer from spreading to other parts of the body, reduces anxiety, slows the progress of Alzheimer’s disease, improves metabolism and is even said to spur creativity in our brain. Hmm! Now I think I understand why doctors are against marijuana legalisation..get it!

2. Taxing marijuana will increase government’s revenue.


    Imagine the amount of revenue Indian government can generate with marijuana market. Alcohol and tobacco industry legally sells lethal products and earns billions each year. High time they start selling some good stuff.

3. It will eliminate illegal trade.


    Come on! Everybody knows that this stuff is easily available and has a huge black market across the country.  India has consumed and celebrated charas (hash), bhang and weed for centuries. Legalizing marijuana will only replace the current black market production and distribution with a proper legal system which will obviously be beneficial to our government and the economy.

4. Marijuana addiction is rare.


    Researchers found that marijuana has the lowest risk of mortality and is safer than the commonly used alcohol and tobacco as well as the rest of the drugs in the study.  9% might seem like a lot, but it really isnt when you consider the addiction potential of other popular substances: 15% for alcohol, 17% for cocaine, 23% for heroin and 32% for tobacco.

5. It will create job opportunities.


     Production, distribution, retail, transport,etc. just think about the amount of job opportunities it may provide in a country where unemployment is common.

6. It will help the locals.


    Marijuana is the only source of income for many locals in states like Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where they grow cannabis plants and Drug dealers force them to sell it at very cheap price. The locals are in a constant pressure from police as they threaten them to burn their cannabis plantation. Legalizing marijuana will let them concentrate on their business and earn a decent living.

7. Good quality will be available.


     Legalization will ensure that good quality marijuana is sold to the consumers in India. Dealers often mix hash and weed with chemicals or other drugs like afeem to improve the taste, color, texture or ‘high’ of the stuff. Legalization will improve the quality of marijuana sold to the users because government will regulate the production and sale of the drug.

8. Marijuana is not fatal.


    “I’ve heard you have to smoke something like 15,000 joints in 20 minutes to get a toxic amount of delta-9 tetrahydrocannibinol,” says Dr. Paul Hornby, a biochemist and human pathologist. “I challenge anybody to do that.” Not only is it virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana, the users face nominal withdrawal symptoms after consuming it.

9. Prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of marijuana.


    It is said that 60,000 kgs of hash and 40,000 kgs of opium is produced in Himachal Pradesh. Out of that, only 500 kgs is seized annually. As per reports, “more than 1,600 hectares of cultivable farmland and an additional 500 hectares of illicitly felled public forests are currently under cannabis cultivation”. The rate is only increasing. Moreover, these days, it is pretty easy to buy marijuana in India and its consumption is widespread among the youth. So it is fair to say that prohibition has failed to curb the ‘problem’.

10. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.


      Marijuana consumption was never regarded as a socially deviant behaviour any more than drinking alcohol was. In fact, keeping it legal was considered as an ‘enlightened view’. It is now medically proven that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. Unlike alcoholics, stoners don’t indulge in rash driving or violent fights. They tend to be clam and pleasant under the influence of marijuana.