Reasons why you are seeing 222


When you see the number 222, 2:22,2.22 etc. repeatedly, it means that you are at a point in your life where you are looking for some balance.

Seeing 222 is your angel’s way of confirming to you that you are on the right track. You are about to find harmony, balance and success in whatever you are doing.

It is a confirmation that you will soon get desired results for your past efforts and should just have faith and patience. Let go of any negativity or insecurity and focus on the positive side.

When you see 222, be sure to not have any doubts regarding the decisions that you have made or are about to make. You are on the right track and should undoubtedly take the desired actions.

The number 2 means duality and seeing this number means you are about to find companionship either physically or spiritually. This could be a good sign for someone looking for love since you are about to find that special one soon.

Whenever you see this number, please pay attention, as your angels have very limited ways to connect and guide you through this physical world. They want you to know that they are always there with you to guide you.

Next time you see 222, make sure to show your gratitude by saying ‘Thank You!’

Stay Blessed. Stay woke!

11:11- Make a Wish!


Have you heard this before? It’s like this number has some magical power that fulfils your wishes.

Seeing 11:11 is no coincidence. Do you see it on the clock, license plate, bills, etc. and wonder why are you seeing 11:11 everywhere? You are reading this post for a reason. You were brought here.

The number 1 in itself is the master number that means new beginnings are on its way. Seeing 11:11 is a reminder that your thoughts are manifesting. Whenever you see 11:11, make sure to focus on and repeat what you truly desire. You will Manifest it in your life. Period.

11:11 is Universe conversing with you that your prayers are being heard and you are being blessed. It is a validation from the higher self that you will definitely succeed and should do whatever you desire, without any doubts.

Next time you see 11:11, make sure to show your gratitude by saying ‘Thank You!’

Set Clear Goals when you see 11:11 as this number is like your genie for whom, your wish is it’s command.

Stay Blessed. Stay woke!